While the contents created by Phase Connect (herein referred to as "PC," "we" or "us" ) and its VTubers are protected by copyright laws and other applicable laws, we welcome the creation and use of user generated content or "derivative works." We have established a general guideline for fans to follow in order to create and use "derivative works."


1. The guidelines apply to "derivative works," or secondary creation of Phase Connect's original content - Official Characters, their still drawings, and their models, of which we have exclusive copyrights.
2. Derivative Works are activities that add a new creative element to the original content. The reproduction of our original content without creative input or creative element is strictly prohibited unless otherwise granted by us.
3. Member-Only content are not subject to these guidelines. Unauthorized reproduction of Member-Only content is prohibited unless otherwise granted by us.
4. These guidelines apply to "individuals" or "organizations without juridical personality" around the world. For corporations or businesses, please contact us before engaging in any Derivative Works.


Please comply with the following guidelines regarding derivative works.

1. Please be mindful of our VTubers, and refrain from creating fan works that may offend them or make them appear unpleasant.
2. Please limit your creation of derivative works to a fan or hobby level. Do not use our official content for business purposes.
3. Sales of your derivative works is permitted at an individual level that is directly within the scope of your hobbies such as selling artwork and crafts.
4. Depending on production volume, sales price, and nature of work, your sales activity may be determined to be business activities instead of at the hobby level. In such an event, we reserve the right to ask for suspension of such sales activities.
5. When contracted illustrators wish to sell illustrations that are drawn for us, separate arrangements will be made. Please contact us.
6. Figures, plushies and other three-dimension products based on our official characters and related illustrations can only be sold at events where copyrights have been granted to the event organizers for the duration of the events. To obtain the rights to sell such products, please contact the event organizer.
7. Please comply with all applicable laws and regulations, including the terms and rules of any relevant platforms.

Please refrain from creating derivative works that:

1. can be falsely represented as official, or can be misinterpreted or mistaken as official;
2. are considered socially unacceptable;
3. include matters pertaining to any particular ideology, belief, religion, or stance in politics;
4. damage our image, or that of our VTubers or our content;
5. damage a third party's image, or violate their rights;
6. we deem unsuitable.

These guidelines are subject to change without notice. Please make sure to check that you are follow the latest version of these guidelines at all times.

Updated 2022.09.01